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If the phone you use is from a foreign country, you must first dail +54 (Argentina's code) followed by 0294 (Bariloche's city code) and then the number you wish to call.

Police: 4423-434
Fire Department: 4424-748
Tourist information office: 4429-896
Nahuel Huapi National Park administration: 4423-111
Club Andino Bariloche (Mountain Information): 4422-266
Civil Defence: 4440-203
Gendarmeria: 4428-663
Naval prefecture: 4425-552


Public Hospital:
Hospital Zonal Ramón Carillo (Moreno St. 601)  4426–100

Private Hospital:
Hospital Sanatorio del Sol (20 de Febrero St. 5984525–000

Farmacia Gilmore (Mitre St. 802) 4422653


Banks in Bariloche have different operation hours compared with Buenos Aires.
Here, they open from 8:00 am to 1:00pm from Monday to Firday.
However, cash machines are available 24hs every day to withdraw money.
In Bariloche as in every argentine city, you will only get pesos out of an ATM. The machine will automatically convert your money from dollars to argentine pesos at the oficial rate the day you get the money out.

Bank Patagonia (Moreno St. 127)
Bank Santander Rio (Mitre St. 520)
Bank Macro (Mitre St. 433)
Bank HSBC (San Martin St. 192)
Bank Galicia (Quaglia St. 307)
Bank Cabal (Mitre St. 762)
Bank Nacion (Mitre St. 178)


Bariloche has an excellent local public bus system. You can pick up a complete bus timetable at the Tourist Info Centre at the Centro Civico in the heart of the city. There are two bus companies, but the only one you will use as a tourist is the '3 de Mayo' company with the red/orange buses.

Cash is no longer accepted on the buses except for the bus to Cerro Catedral which is about AR$15 one way and the Airport bus about AR$8.00 one way.
You can actually move around to every corner of the city an even get quite far from it. You may take a bus all the way to the Llao-Llao Hotel and Pañuelo Port (Nº 20), to Colonia Suiza (Nº 10), to Villa Los Coihues and Lake Gutierrez (Nº 50), to the base of Catedral, the skiing resort (bus named Catedral), or to the airport (Nº 72).
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Bariloche is 1568km far from Buenos Aires. If you  take a bus, it might take you around 20 to 22 hours travelling. On the other hand, if you fly over from B.A to Bariloche, it will just take you 2 hours.
Make sure to check how much time you've got to travel before choosing your transportation by the price. Bus services are excellent. All of them include dinner onboard and some even offer full flat bed seats.
However, prices between economy class flights and the most expensive bus service are not too different.


Bus companies to/from Bariloche - Buenos Aires :

Bus companies to Chile:



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